Eliminate risk by implementing Access Control System in your organization


Today network security systems are built to be compatible and support best IT practices and standards. PACS or physical access control systems have traditionally been designed without considering much IT professionals in mind. However over the last one decade these limitations have been addressed to a larger extent as new breed of affordable and web based access control systems are emerging. Alpha Computer Group is a New York based authorized provider for access control system. The range of service Alpha Computer Group provides includes Business IT Support Long Island, IT Consulting for Long Island, New York (NY), Managed IT Support Long Island, IT Technical Support Long Island, IT Outsourcing Long Island, Computer Consulting Services Long Island. It also provides services related to Computer Repair Long Island, Business IT Support for Long Island, IT Consultants Long Island, Managed IT Services Long Island, VoIP Phone Systems Long Island, Laptop Repair Long Island, IT Network Support Long Island, Telephone Systems Long Island.

Access control system is a critical step towards mitigating risk associated with security. Organizations are constantly finding new areas of risks and they take proactive approach toward mitigating those risk. Any organization will have a pool of resources and tools. However not all resources should be easily accessible to all. Organizations implement access control system to ensure each users such as employee, customers and partners have access only to those information that is required for them to perform their respective tasks smoothly while preventing their access to information that are not relevant to users.

Just like how important it is to keep the data of an organization secure, similarly network security and building security are also equally important. If the integrity of any of them is compromised, it will lead to immediate risk for the entire organization. Today network security is build to support the IT best practices and standards.

PACS or physical access control systems have traditionally been designed without keeping IT professionals in mind. That’s the major reason why legacy systems of many IT departments are hard to deploy, maintain and support. On top of this they are also more cumbersome from the perspective of physical security and facility to manage it on a day to day basis. They also require expensive windows servers and individual license software and proprietary software and can only be managed from isolated office computers.

However there has been a good amount of development and technological advancement that has made it possible to eradicate many limitations and has made access control system much affordable. Advent of web based access control system has provided several key advantages over the traditional PACS. Though there are many factors that come into picture, there are mainly five attributes of an IT and user friendly physical access control system and they are platform reliability, mobile access, system security, non-proprietary door software and ease of use.

According to Joseph Scaffa, network security specialist, Alpha Computer Group, there are five main advantage of taking your physical security to virtual server.

  1. It eliminates the cost of maintaining stand alone servers.
  2. Seamless model to manage and build security in a private cloud.
  3. Ability to leverage virtual server infrastructure.
  4. Greatly reduces the downtime and maximizes the reliability.
  5. Reduces setup and deployment time.


Intercom System Installations Long Island


Intercom system helps in promoting better security and privacy in any kind of commercial businesses. Intercom systems are even more important for schools, hospitals and government buildings. Alpha Computer Group has helped many clients install intercom system in their business facilities. Alpha Computer Group provides professional consultation and installation service for intercom systems to clients based in and around Long Island.

Intercom systems are one of the key component in promoting security and privacy. It plays a critical role in deterring potential illegal activities by alerting intruders that they need to identify themselves before making their way into the building. Secondly it is going to add a layer of protection from potential vandals and thieves who may have intention of committing crime in the future. Intercom systems also provide excellent way to identify access points that are restricted. Some business uses them as a mechanism for visitors to announce their presence and request to meet with someone specific. These systems are sometimes embedded into elevators. As a result these elevators remain grounded unless special permission is not given to those who have not identified themselves. Intercom systems are versatile in the sense if you don’t want to use it to restrict access on the outside of your building, you can choose to use them to block off certain indoor wings or sections instead.

Alpha Computer Group specializes in video and wireless intercom systems. Regardless of whether you need intercom system installed in your office, home, institution or godown, experts at Alpha Computer Group have experience in installing intercom for almost every type of business. The door intercom systems are more widely recognized for security purposes, there are hosts of other benefits also that come along with an intercom system. Intercom systems help in enhancing flow of communication. There are more advance intercom systems available for home that can distribute music throughout select areas of the property. There are also intercom systems that are specially designed for monitoring purpose. Such kind of system is best suitable for families that need comprehensive intercom solution to monitor the activities of their baby.

There are both wired and wireless intercom systems available. Wireless intercom systems have quickly gained much popularity among home dwellers, schools and businesses, which has enabled people to communicate more efficiently. Wireless intercom systems are much easier to install. They can also be installed at places where hard wiring is not possible. Since they are wireless, they eliminate the requirement of connecting them to any units through a wired system. Wireless intercom systems deliver greater flexibility to business and residential communities. One of the biggest benefits is that you can easily move the units any time.

Wireless intercom systems offer convenience in installations, but then they have their own share of risk involved. For instance if the wireless intercom system is installed in busy areas, they may interfere with other wireless equipments, electric devices, or your neighbor’s wireless intercom system by overlapping. This is the most important factor why you should consult a highly experienced team like Alpha Computer Group for designing and installation.

Business Security Cameras New York


A business that has not setup a security surveillance camera has essentially made itself an easy target for criminals. Criminals are constantly looking out for business establishments that have an absence of any security measures or surveillance in the business property. It is obvious that such situation increases the likelihood that the business will be impacted by crime. As a responsible owner it is in your best interest to ensure nobody enters your business property during any ominous evening. These days high quality surveillance cameras are available at reasonable rates.


If your business is located anywhere in New York, you can take the assistance of Alpha Computer Group, an IT company that has helped scores of business protect and safe guard their business premises with the help of business surveillance cameras. Alpha Computer Group can help you research on the best type of camera suitable for your business type. There are wide ranges of surveillance cameras available in the market making it quite a daunting task to select the right one that best suits your business environment. Alpha Computer Group has been pivotal in helping business find the right type of surveillance camera that fits into the budget and is perfect for their business security.


Having security camers will also help your employees feel secure about the place they are working. Organizations where employee work till late night every day, having security camera will make them feel protected and happy. Happy employees work with dedication and lead to increased productivity. Slowly more and more companies are realizing the importance of having security camera installed in their premises.


Security camera not only helps investigative officer in the event of crime and burglary, but it also helps prevent any possible crime and burglary. That’s because most burglars will think twice before breaking in when they see a camera. The security camera acts as a perfect deterrent for all these trouble makers. CCTV cameras provide real time protection. That means you can have an eye not only on potential burglars, but also on your employees. Surveillance cameras also help prevent unwanted employee behavior and therefore increase individual employee productivity and efficiency.


Surveillance cameras are very crucial for companies as they are effective in deterring unwanted activities. Alpha Computer Group provides help in installing the cameras in your premises and deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, and Night vision cameras.

Structured Network Cabling New York


Communication infrastructure has become every crucial as the appetite for improving our lives and our businesses continues to drive forward. There has been a steep upward curve in the demand for data and voice network solutions in the past few years. Organizations small and big alike will need an information system strategy to support its operations. This is where structured Network Cabling New York plays a key role. Alpha Computer Group, a specialized IT company based out of Long Island, New York has helped scores of organizations implement Structured Network Cabling at their workplace. Alpha Computer Group also provides range of services including Computer Repair Long Island, Business IT Support for Long Island, IT Consultants Long Island, Managed IT Services Long Island, VoIP Phone Systems Long Island, Laptop Repair Long Island, IT Network Support Long Island and Telephone Systems Long Island.


Structured Network Cabling is a term coined to indicate single flexible cabling infrastructure that can link together multiple computers and other devices such as phones etc. Structured Network Cabling makes use of specialized socket which is strategically installed at places where you can easily plug in your devices. The cables coming from different workstation are connected to a central communication network cabinet. Building a competitive IT infrastructure is crucial to overall information strategy that can ensure success. Structured Network Cabling minimizes enterprise workflow issues and network downtime issues to a large extent. Here is a list of some of the benefits of Structured Network Cabling New York.


Flexibility and consistency

This is one of the most important aspects. Variety of devices presents unique business environment challenge to implement a strategy that will support all of the devices and connect them together. Implementing structured Network Cabling is a step towards simplifying your office network by making it consistent and flexible.



Structured Network Cabling can be adapted to the growing needs of your business. So for example if you are about to install a new device, you will be able to do so without additional cost or without worrying about its integration to the existing IT infrastructure.


Affordable management

Structured Network Cabling provides a single point for all administrative and management requirements. Not only it is cost effective, but it is also much easier to make changes instantly. Structured Network Cabling involves only one time single investment on cabling infrastructure which supports devices and applications from multiple hardware vendors.


Isolation of faulty system

Structured Network Cabling offers opportunity to isolate faulty system or network issue and easily fix them. In the Structured Network Cabling, the entire infrastructure is divided into manageable blocks which make it easy and efficient to test and detect faulty system without causing any hindrance to other devices of the network.

Business Phone Systems NYC


Different types of business have their own unique needs when it comes to Business Phone Systems NYC. For business that are looking at new communication set-up, there are overwhelming amount if options available. When you know that there are different types of Business Phone Systems NYC available, you can make best decision for your business. Phone systems are just like any other technologies, in the sense, they have evolved alongside other popular technologies. According to Alpha Computer Group, there are four main types of phone systems available for small to medium business.


Key systems

These are pretty old and can be found in many older and small businesses. They are designed to be used for up to 40 users. This Business Phone Systems NYC typically provides only basic features such as hold, line switching, and line management etc.



PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a Business Phone Systems NYC that is based on private phone networking technology and enables the business to manage up to hundreds of phone lines and numbers. This is a good choice for organizations with exceptionally large number of employees and need multiple phone lines. PBX makes it easy for different departments of the organizations to network offices together.


Hosted PBX

This is a service where PBX system is hosed and managed by the provider. The entire system is housed offsite. This is a very economic situation since it involves less upfront investment for the company.



These are essentially specific business features and packages that are developed for business by many major telecommunications provider. These services cost additionally to your monthly bill.


Any phone system that you see out there in the market is based on either of the two technologies, i.e. Analog or Digital.



This technology is used traditionally by landline phone system and is offered by phone companies. It is also commonly referred as PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. Majority of business are familiar with PSTN since it uses existing lines strung by telephone companies.



It is relatively new Business Phone Systems NYC technology and uses network connection to transmit voice communication. One of the most common examples of this system is VoIP.


Though there are four main systems that exist, recently majority if business are seen increasingly adopting digital systems like VoIP. This has led to essentially merging of Key and PBX together into one platform. Many Business Phone Systems NYC providers are also popularly offering scaled down versions of PBX over network connections and refer to it as Key system.


When you are finalizing the new phone system for your company, you should ask your employees and people who will be using the system. Find out the features that will help them perform their jobs better and with best of their abilities. For example you may need wireless devices for some departments to help them better talk to their customers, while other may need more unified communications platform which may even include text and instant message. The best would be to prepare a list of features that your business will need in order to function better and perform well.

Business Phone Systems Long Island

Business Phone Systems

There has been a constant rise in the cost of phones and mobile communications. More and more business are looking at ways to curb the rising cost by embracing the cost effective solutions. Alpha Computer Group is playing a pivotal role in providing affordable solutions to small, medium and large corporation that helps them keep the cost of communications at reasonable levels and helps in increasing the productivity levels of employees. Some of the arrays of communication solutions include like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island.


Many leading organizations are actively making use of communication technologies like PBX or Private Branch Exchange which helps their employees and members of the business network to access outside lines, helping them to make calls outside the network. The technology has also made it easier for employees within an organization to connect with each other using easy-to-remember three or four-digit extensions. Business of any size will have considerable benefits of cheaper calls when making a call within a network. This eliminates the requirement to set up an external landline phone on every desk of the office.


For a communication channel to be effective it needs to be up-to-date to meet all the needs of the business. The most updated communication channels available in the market includes like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island. Here we will show you some of the reasons why Alpha Computer Group recommends you to upgrade your business telephone system to Hosted SIP PBX technology.


Cost efficiency

SIP transfers your call over IP which results in direct saving of 20% compared to older system. This kind is savings is achieved with help of lower cost of operation and line rentals. Reliable technologies like this will justify the investment on the long run.


Online billing and call tracking

The system makes it easy for the organization to access all the information in order to zero-in on better solution for their calling solution. You organization will also benefit from lower costs of operations and line rentals. The system provides access to more detailed information on all recently made calls and the cost charged. This will help the organization know where the money is going and according it can take up measures to reduce spending by making some cost effective changes in the operations.


Easy of upgrade

Hosted SIP phone system operates via Internet connection making it an easy job to configure or re-configure through software, as-and-when needed. That means if you are relocating your office, your telephones will be up and running in the shortest time possible along with all the updates in place.



IP telephony communications offers much more flexibility than their alternatives. The system offers individuals increased control over their configuration and allows them to have access to advanced controls and features.

Mobile apps development

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Social Media marketing

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Pay Per Click

PPC (pay per click services new york, pay per click services nyc, PPC Management Long Island, Long Island PPC Marketing)

PPC is the paid search marketing tool, the quickest and the most controllable way to get your website on the top of the search engine results when people look for a similar type of your business. As you pay per click of every search, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

Alpha Computer Group will assist you in delivering the highest ROI through constant monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords. We are the preferred choice for the worldwide businesses to manage their PPC campaigns and marketing including the cities of Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), New York, Manhattan and Bronx. Over the time, we have developed our unique methods and strategies from the small start-ups to the very large established leaders to promote their venture and business sectors globally.

If you already have a PPC account for which you would wish to add our thought on, you can request for a PPC audit at this segment.

So whether you have small or long-term goals or whatever your budget is, we will bring the effectual campaign to suit your business type and other explicit needs to bring the maximum ROI.

Our Pay Per Click services, along with Cost Per Impression and Cost Per Order for the NYC business, can be leveraged best to access the cost-effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing.

How Alpha Computer Works for you?

The PPC Marketing is a complex process and involves a step-by-step process, the success of which is dependent upon different variables like budget determination, keyboard selection, search engine selection, bid placement, ad creation and campaign review. Catch the procedures below:

  1. Selecting Keywords

The first step to be followed by Alpha Computer Group is to select the most appropriate keywords for your company to advertise or promote. This is the most essential step to determine the company’s target. To begin the campaign, a fine selection of keywords relevant to the company and its industry is a must. Once the list is determined, the related research is being carried out to highlight the most searched words. The intensity of competition for each keyword will indicate the price of that keyword which will be done through bidding system.

  1. Budget Selection

By determining a suitable budget for allocating the campaign, the first step to PPC campaign can be performed. The budget is decided by the company with respect to their targets.

  1. Ad Creation

After keyword selection and budgeting, developing PPC ads is a must. We create a result oriented PPC advertisements that create a visual touch point for the company’s targeted customers. The designs of PPC ads are constructed as per the guidelines and regulations of PPC search engines.

  1. Bidding

The PPC ad campaigns work on bidding system where a company places a maximum bid for each keyword they wish to advertise for. The bidding indicates the maximum amount the company is willing to spend on each click. It also pays a major role in finding the placement of the company’s ad for that keyword.

  1. Reviewing the Campaigns

The advantageous part of a PPC campaign is that the business can monitor the changes and the impact. As PPC advertising is highly effective and is a highly measurable form of marketing, whenever the consumer clicks through a company’s website, their actions are traced. These actions include number of pages visited, sales made, contact enquiries, newsletter sign-ups and more. Each of these actions can be allocated by a particular value based on the dollars earned for the company.

  1. Monitoring

Each keyword can be individually evaluated, allowing careful monitoring of the campaign and ensuring only the most valuable keywords are retained.

To know more about PPC campaigning and marketing in NYC, feel free to contact us.

Web Development

Alpha Computer Group is a company that can effectively help you turn your entire endeavor into success by providing uncompromising Web Development services. You might have heard “all yellow metals are not gold” similarly big promises of some

organization may not yield the exact solution for your business strategies. But, we consider for all your needs by listing your needs and then implement them to develop a unique website for your business. Skilled and experienced developers of our company pushes the horizons of creativity to provide the clients with applicable and custom made development services.

We came into existence with the aim to revolutionize the web developing scenario in most commonly Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island. Our professionals always work in close co-ordination with the clients to bring their thoughts and ideas come true with

their prolific development services. We also facilitate out clients for customized web development services. They can easily ask for their needs and get the website developed by the experts accordingly.

Creative vision of Alpha Computer Group is to deliver world class solutions for web development. We are boosted in our efforts by the pool of talented and passionate team members. Prior to selecting a project, we discuss its framework deeply with the team members. It simply ensures thorough understanding of the project to each and every

person who is working on the project. This is the why; we always meet our promised guidelines and deliver the works to the clients within the promised time-frame.

The thing that differentiate us from others is our in-depth approach towards the undertaken projects. Out team of experts firstly go through the needs and requirements of the clients and then start creating a layout for the same. You can also suggest for creating

a perfect website. Experts will care for your advice and go for the development services to create a unique website for your business. Still thinking? Simply contact us to get the easy and effective development services.