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Structured Cabling & Network Cabling services in Queen, NYC.

Structured cabling systems reduce costs. They reduce costs during installation by requiring less material and labor than a non-structured solution.

What is structured cabling/Network Wiring?

Structured cabling is data and telecommunications cabling inside a building that is installed according to a set of defined standards. The standards dictate how the cable is to be distributed within the building infrastructure, the methods of cable management to use, the proper termination of both ends of the cable, and the acceptable readings when certifying the cables. Structured cabling is typically installed in a star formation where end-user connections are terminated at a local point, called an Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), and then each IDF is connected via a backbone cable to a main location, called a Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is different from non-structured cabling where each end-user connection is connected directly back to the MDF.

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What are the benefits of structured cabling instead of a non-structured solution?

Structured cabling systems reduce costs. They reduce costs during installation by requiring less material and labor than a non-structured solution. Once the structured cabling system is installed, they cost less to maintain when additional connections are needed or end-user requirements change. Having a structured cabling system in place further reduces costs when it comes to troubleshooting voice and data problems on your network by having separate physical segments to analyze.

What structured cabling systems can ACG install for my organization?

With Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and BiCSI certified employees Alpha Computer Group has the ability to take on your structured cabling projects and get them completed. Alpha Computer Group have extensive experience installing structured cabling systems that include Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, coaxial, and fiber optic cables. We are experienced in small installations (under 20 drops) and large installations (over 2000 drops) for government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and commercial customers. Whether the cabling need is for a single drop or complete infrastructure of a new location, the Alpha Computer Group installation will be the item on the client’s check list they need not worry about. Every cable that is installed will be tested to industry standards and the results provided to the client. Alpha Computer Group has been successfully providing these services since 2004 to retail, financial and higher learning environments both locally and nationwide.

You may have the top of the line server and network equipment!! Keep in mind, your network is only as strong as the weakest link!!

If your network cable is outdated or improperly installed you may not be getting the performance you need.

Cat7 Computer Network Cabling
Cat6 Computer Network Cabling
Cat6a Computer Network Cabling
Cat5e Computer Network Cabling
Ethernet Computer Network Cabling
Fiber Computer Network Cabling
WiFi Wireless Access Point Cabling and Installation
Server Rack Installation
Computer Network Design and Installation
Computer Data Drops
Ethernet Jacks
Phone / Voice Cabling

It’s not just wire!!

The installation of structured cable systems requires highly trained and skilled personnel to install, terminate and test the cable used for today’s network enviroments. Alpha Computer Group we take pride installing quality conectivity to fit your needs. If it’s fiber optic cable you need!! Look no farther. We specialize in inside and outside plant fiber. If you need one or several network closets linked together or building to building we are your single source for all your fiber optic needs.

VOIP/Digital Business Phone systems in Queens, NY

You may have the top of the line server and network equipment!! Keep in mind, your network is only as strong as the weakest link!!

Fiber Optics in Queens, NY

Technological advances are the source of increased demands on any communications network. Faster speeds and more bandwidth are required to make each component work correctly.

Why Use Fiber Optic Cabling?

Technological advances are the source of increased demands on any communications network. Faster speeds and more bandwidth are required to make each component work correctly. Only a small percentage of the voice network capability is used for voice communications. Data, video and encrypted information demand network flexibility with the capacity for massive quantities of traffic.

Reduced cost – Since fiber optics are composed of hair-like strands of glass, many miles of fiber optic cabling costs less money to produce than copper wire. Providers and clients save money on fiber optic cabling materials, which lowers the cost of installation.

Tinier cables – When cables must be installed in existing walls, bulky cables make the job very difficult. Fiber optic cables are very small in diameter and can be installed in virtually any wall or ceiling without damage.

Higher capacity – Lightning-fast communication speeds are essential for productivity in the workplace. Massive quantities of data will travel across fiber optics to support many users.

Signal integrity – Light transverses over fiber optic cabling without signal degradation since there is no resistance for the signal. Signals will travel farther and faster.

Light travels fast – fiber optics transmit light signals over long distances without the use of signal enhancers. More fibers are bundled together in one cable without signal cross over.

Lower power requirements – Transmitters that require low-voltage power are used in the fiber cabling, which reduces power usage. Small amounts of power will run extremely large networks.

Digital signals – Analog to digital conversions are not required since fiber optics is designed to transmit digital information. Network efficiency is improved with fiber optic cabling.

Fire risk eliminated – Electricity is not used in the fiber cabling network, which eliminates the risk of fire. Technicians are safer when working with fiber optic cabling.

Lightweight – Extensive webs of cabling can strain the walls and ceilings of existing buildings unless fiber optic cabling is installed. Hair-like glass strands weigh a fraction of what copper cables weigh, so cables can be strung in dropped ceilings.

Businesses all over Queens are discovering the many advantages of fiber optic cabling. Speed and signal integrity are essential to high-quality business communications, and the best solution includes Alpha Computer Group fiber optics. To keep pace with technology advances, wise business owners will embrace fiber optic cabling as the solution for their changing business needs.

WiFi Wireless Access Point Cabling and Installation

Queens Network Wiring, Cabling | Queens Office Computer Wiring | Queens Data Voice Cabling

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Structured Cabling Queens NY | Network Cabling Queens

Structured Cabling Queens NY | Network Cabling Queens

Today, your network cabling system carries the lifeblood of your organization – information. The installation, material, quality of cable and testing procedures are all much more critical in data wiring than in voice. The main reason for this is that networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds. To accomplish this over unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP), many different criterion must be met.

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Ask any IT Manager what their most common network problem is and you will most likely hear them rant about cabling issues. In fact, cabling problems, which account for over 50% of network problems, cost companies millions annually.

The most common problems are:

Low attenuation
Poor NEXT (near-end crosstalk)
Poor ACR (attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio)
Poor delay skew (data arrives at different times)
Poor return loss (also known as “echo”)
Poor ELFEXT (equal-level far-end crosstalk) numbers for cable, connecting hardware and channel
Splices in cable
Mis-labeled cables

All of these problems can be avoided if the cabling is installed and tested properly. The cable must be installed following strict and specific guidelines and the testing must be done using the right equipment calibrated for the latest standards (called certification). Alpha Computer Group provides this with each cabling installation.
From fiber optics, to category 6, including 802.11x wireless, our certified cabling technicians and wireless engineers will answer all your questions and provide your organization with a quick, efficient, and quality installation. They are fully trained and certified to the highest standards.

Network Evaluation Queens NY

With custom-designed solutions made specifically for your company’s needs, Alpha Computer Group evaluates your cabling and wireless requirements to determine the installation that is most effective for your network.

Network Installation Queens NY

Our team will design, coordinate, and manage the entire installation, whether in an existing building, or at a new construction project. Alpha Computer Group provides the project materials which always conform to the highest building and ISO standards and are fully inspected and tested by our technical team.

Horizontal Network Cabling Queens NY

Horizontal cabling connecting the end user’s Work Area Outlet to the Telecom Room is installed in properly supported bundles and fire-rated sleeve assemblies to comply with all applicable electrical and building codes. Alpha Computer Group installations ranging from the most cost effective designs all the way up to the highest bandwidth maximum density CAT6A systems will be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation practices, distance limitations, and warranty requirements. When choosing Alpha Computer Group, you will get the peace of mind that your installation will be eligible to receive an extended manufacturer warranty, often 20-25 years, that is possible only when choosing a certified installation contractor.

Backbone Network Cabling Queens NY

Alpha Computer Group connects Telecom Rooms, Equipment Rooms, and Entrance Facilities within a building or between buildings on campuses. Multipair voice cable, coax cable for video applications, and fiber optic cable to handle Information Technology System applications is achieved with the goal of maximizing network flexibility, survivability, and the inevitably higher bandwidth demands of future services.

Campus Network Cabling Queens NY

A well-conceived cable system design for the campus is critical for accommodating newer, more demanding technologies and efficiently deploying new services. Systems relying on an effective design range from traditional LAN and Wireless traffic to VOIP. In addition, dozens of additional services are increasingly dependent on a reliable and robust campus backbone.

Inter-Building and Intra-Building Campus Installations Queens NY

Backbone Fiber
Horizontal Fiber
Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
Power Meter Testing
OTDR Signature Trace and Troubleshooting/Repair
Service Restoration
Fiber Optic System Certifications and Commissioning

Outside Plant Queens NY

Alpha Computer Group installs both Aerial and Underground Systems on campuses and in commercial environments.

Network Wiring Queens | Network Wiring NYC

Network Wiring Queens NY

Are you looking for a structured cabling specialist in Queens, NY and NYC? Contact Alpha Computer Group. We work with businesses, independent contractors and commercial as well as residential customers. With extensive experience in the field of structured cabling (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6), one of our core services is the installation and organization of cables necessary for the transmission of digital information (audio, image, etc). Choose us for the installation of your LAN-Computer Network, landline telephone system, VoIP phone or Video Systems. We also specialize in the installation of video surveillance and access control systems. At Alpha Computer Group, we boast a team of skilled technicians to ensure quality physical interconnection of your premises. With good attention to detail, we guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We also apply innovative techniques to maximize the efficiency and performance of your networks. Structured cabling aside, you can solicit our services for fibre optic installation. Whatever their complexity and scope, we are committed to the success of all projects entrusted to us.

Network Wiring Queens NY,  Structured Wiring Queens NY, Office Wiring Queens NY, Computer Wiring Queens NY.

Queens Network Wiring Installation

What makes one installation of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 different from another? It has to do not only with the quality of and category or the wire, keystone jacks, wall plates and Patch Panel that you use, it also has to do with your cable installers themselves. Montreal IT Support installers are experience licensed electricians that specialize in pulling wires all day long. You can rest assured that if we need to pull some cables down your wall or through your ceiling it will be with the least damage possible. We believe in fishing cables through the studs or putting the appropriate conduit so that our wires function properly with the least amount of visual intrusion. From single network drops to 400+ Ethernet cables drawn though the ceiling and to the individual termination points. Our installers use logical colors for each type of data cable drop to identify their use, blue for network and white for data.

Network Wiring is AS important as the foundation of a house!

Are you moving or adding workstations to your business? The stability and transportation of your data throughout your network is of the utmost importance. EvoluTel guides you towards proven solutions. Our qualified specialists apply an accredited and rigorously tested protocol. The entire office has to speak to each other and – above all –understand each other. This greatly helps stabilize data transport throughout your network.

Coax/Audio Wiring Queens, NY

Control everything at your fingertips. Whether it’s to play background music or to provide an internal TV network to broadcast advertising in strategic places.

Fiber Optic Wiring Queens, NY

This is a solution designed above all to ensure better mobility of information when the distance is too great to be bridged by traditional wiring. Fibre optics will improve your communications so dramatically that you’ll want them everywhere!

Network Cabling Queens | Network Cabling NYC

Network Cabling Queens

Network Cabling Queens – Network Cabling Installation Queens, NY

We install network cabling for all types of clients.  Our staff have over 15 years of experience in cabling, networking, design, and installation. All of our installation are backed up with our lifetime guarantee and a complete documented installation. Whether you are looking for a single cable drop, or you need a complete a network cabling installation project, we have you completely covered. We offer superior quality materials and labor for large and small voice and data networks along with complete network cabling installation for any computer network or phone system. We are the Queen’s and NYC best choice for voice and data contracting, please take a moment to give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you. (877) 608-8647

Network Cabling Queens, NY, NYC

Network Cabling Contractor Services in Queens NY:

•   Fiber Optic Cabling, Including 50 Micron OM3 10GIG Cabling
•   Network Cabling Installation and Repair Services
•   Network Infrastructure Setup with Racks Patch Panels & Switch
•   Cat5e Cabling Services, Cat6 Cabling Installation
•   DMARC, MPOE & T-1 Extension Cabling Services
•   Complete Network Cabling Contractor Queens, NY

Alpha Computer Group specializes in the design and installation of network cabling systems in queens NY for office local area networks (network cabling) and telephone premises wiring. We are prepared to provide everything from a single patch cord or cable for overhead speakers to the design and installation of cabling systems for an entire high-rise building or campus environment.

Server Cabinets and Relay Racks:

In addition to cable installations, Alpha Computer Group will lay out and install computer room equipment including patch panels, equipment cabinets, relay racks, seismic restraints, etc. We are experts at closet cleanup.

Cable Testing:

Alpha Computer Group provides hard copy test results for installed cabling systems. At ACG, it is not a cable until it is labeled, tested and documented. Alpha Computer Group certifies every cable and provides documentation of a complete, functional installation including annotated site drawings showing station locations and numbers.

Asterisk PBX Support | Freepbx Support | Elastix Support

Asterisk/Freepbx is a Free Open Source Software that Unifies your comunications in a single platform, VoIP is mostly based on Asterisk (Digium the Asterisk Company) in which we integrate PBX, mailing and collaborating task, we also integrate a database server. One of our goals is to make the platform evolve into anything it may be needed for, doesn’t matter the propose. This platform is based in the Open Source philosophy, our community its first because without them we wouldn’t be here. We are proud to say that we are one of the last Opensource projects in Unified Comumnications, this is because the people that make Asterisk possible is our open-source community. The community convened around Asterisk is made up of a group of enthusiastic specialists from different countries who believe in the power of open source to transform the market of information and communication technologies that bring knowledge, experience and passion for open code. The Asterisk/Freepbx community is rooted in the participation of individuals, communities and companies in order to change the way we communicate and collaborate, who have laid the groundwork for innovation and sharing of vital knowledge. With over 1 MILLION production systems worldwide and 20,000 new systems installed monthly, the Asterisk/FreePBX community continues to out-perform the industry’s commercial efforts. The Asterisk/FreePBX EcoSystem has developed over the past decade to be the most widely deployed open source PBX platform in use across the world. The openness of the project allows users, resellers, enthusiasts and Partners to utilize the FreePBX EcoSystem to build robust communications solutions that are powerful but at the same time easy to implement and support.

Enterprise Telephony

Centralize your communications Worldwide. Secure, scalable and flexible telephone systems for enterprise, contact centers, schools, universities and small to medium sized businesses.

• Secure
• High quality audio
• Reliable, high availability
• Easy to configure
• Advanced telephony features
• Real-time reports and analysis

Asterisk Consultancy

Looking for an Asterisk PBX consultant?

Alpha Computer Group have dCAP certified Asterisk engineers available to help you at every stage of your Asterisk implementation.
With over 11 years experience, Alpha Computer Group have installed hundreds of Asterisk based systems Worldwide.

Telephone System Design

Alpha Computer Group offer a free consultation to analyze your business telephony requirements and determine how an Asterisk based telephone system can benefit your company. We work with you to design your telephone system and to develop a plan to ensure the successful delivery of your Asterisk project.


Alpha Computer Group telephone systems are easy to configure and come with many great features as standard.

• Voicemail. A professional voicemail service for when you’re out of the office or busy on another call. Voicemail messages are retrieved from your telephone handset or delivered to your email inbox.

• Call recording. Calls are recorded for compliance, training or monitoring purposes. Recorded calls are encrypted and downloaded from the system (in wav or mp3 format) or played back to agent’s telephone handsets.

• Click-2-Dial. Automate outbound dialing by clicking on a contact’s phone number to call them. Click-2-dial features can be provided from your existing business applications (e.g. CRM / ERP system) using our API.

• Interactive Voice Menu. Build multi-tiered voice menus to automatically answer calls, filter calls and route callers to the relevant team within your organization.

• Call Queues. Hold incoming callers in line and automatically distribute them to the next available agent.


There are many advantages to running a business telephone system from Alpha Computer Group. Here are some of the key benefits.

• Full control of your telephone system configuration and monitoring from an intuitive web-based user interface.

• Agile working. Empower your people to work when, where and how they choose, with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.

• Keep your telephone numbers when you move office or switch provider.

• Flexible rolling contract options. Grow and shrink your subscription as your business requirements change.

• Comprehensive management information is available from the web client. Call analysis reports, productivity reports and billing reports are available.

• First class technical support service. Expert, friendly, UK based technical support team providing a fast response to your enquiries.


Alpha Computer Group telephone systems are hardened to eliminate security risks from malicious third parties that could result in data theft, data loss or fraudulent calls (toll fraud). There are many layers to our security model. Here are a few of our key security features:

• Intrusion Detection. Proactive monitoring for malicious activity (e.g. DOS attacks or Brute Force attacks) or policy violations. Alerts are flagged on our wallboards and sent to our System Administration team.

• Encryption of media streams and call recordings. Signaling and media streams between the telephone handset and phone system are encrypted by default. Call recordings and other data may also be encrypted.

• Full audit trail. Every move and change is comprehensively logged. Administrators can use the audit report to track user logins and every screen that was viewed or configuration change that was made.

• Inbound call barring. Inbound calls may be blocked if the caller id is not recognized or withheld or if the caller id has been added to a blacklist.

• Outbound call restrictions on PBX and trunk. Outbound call restrictions may be configured on the PBX (user level, group level or system wide) and the Alpha Computer Group Connect SIP trunk to ensure that users do not run up large phone bills by dialing expensive numbers.

• PCI / MiFID II / GDPR Compliance options. We have PCI, MiFID II and GDPR compliant solutions for customers who need to record calls and take payment over the phone and store customer-sensitive data on their telephone system.

On Site

An on-site telephone system is installed on dedicated servers at your business premises. On-site systems can offer long-term cost savings and may be connected to the traditional telephone network (ISDN, PSTN) and more modern VoIP networks. We recommend on-site systems where customers are locked into long-term contracts with traditional telephone companies or where there is inadequate Internet connectivity or a preference for onsite hardware.


Alpha Computer Group’s cloud platform provides a fully managed Internet-based telecommunications service from diverse data centers with no single point of failure. Our cloud services are accessed over the public internet and delivered using the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Alpha Computer Group build dedicated cloud telephony solutions for our larger customers on their own infrastructure or using third-party cloud service providers (e.g. Byte-mark, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure).


Host your telephony service with a company that specializes in telecommunications systems. Alpha Computer Group provide co-location services, dedicated managed servers and virtual machines for telecommunications systems only. All hosted systems benefit from uninterrupted power supplies, diverse Internet connections and a fast, resilient network.


Host your own telephone systems in our data center. Reduce your monthly hosting costs and have full control over your server hardware and upgrades.

Virtual Server

A virtual machine (VM) or virtual private server (VPS) runs a dedicated operating system on shared physical hardware resources. Dedicated Managed Hosting. Host your telephone system on a dedicated server provided by, and fully managed by Alpha Computer Group. Benefit from the performance of a dedicated server without the inconvenience of installing, upgrading, de-commissioning and disposing of physical hardware.

Business Continuity

Critical application failures can have significant costs to any business. Unplanned downtime can originate from many sources, including natural disasters, network or power outages, human error, or malicious acts.

Failover / High availability

• Our platform is robust and tolerant of hardware failures, faults and mis-configurations.  All components of the telephone system may be configured in a multi-server cluster topology to ensure that there is no single point of failure in the software. This architecture also provides a highly scalable solution.

• The system can be hosted across data centers in different locations to drastically reduce the impact of major network outages and to facilitate disaster recovery.

Backup & Restore

System configuration and business data (e.g. call recordings, media files, call detail records and management information) can be backed up nightly, weekly or monthly.  Backup images may be copied off the system.
Project Delivery

Complete end to end service. Alpha Computer Group start work on your telephone system at first point of contact. First of all, our team will listen to your requirements and provide objective advice to help you to develop a coherent telecommunications strategy for your project.

• Design. Alpha Computer Group work with your organization’s stakeholders to design your telephone system and to develop the project plan.

• Project Management.  The Alpha Computer Group team can manage the entire telecommunications project or assign a project manager to interface between your project management team and our delivery team.

• Migration. We assist at every step of the migration from the management of the telephone number porting process to adapting disaster recovery plans.  Our telecommunications expertise and experience with many other types of telephone system will ensure the efficient and smooth migration to your new Alpha Computer Group phone system.

• Training. Alpha Computer Group provides training for system administrators, team leaders, and end-users so that the new system roll-out is a smooth and successful experience for everybody.

Long Island Network Cabling | Low Voltage Wiring Long Island

Since 2004, Alpha Computer Group has been designing and installing telecommunications systems for businesss, schools, and government facilities in the Long Island NY area including all parts of Nassau county and Suffolk county. We are Long Island’s number 1 choice for technology. when your looking for Network Cabling Long Island you have come to the right place!
Ethernet Cabling Long Island

Our services include:

Cat5e/Cat6/Fiber Optic Network Cabling Installation Long Island | Cat5e/Cat6/Fiber Computer Cabling Long Island, NY

The network wiring in your facility is the foundation for all premise communication systems, so we make it our priority to provide top performing low voltage structured cabling systems you can rely on. In addition to following EIA/TIA standards and BICI practices, we give extra attention to the labeling and organization of your cabling so that you and your IT staff can find the data lines you want when you want to find them. We certify the Cat 5e and Cat6 lines we install to EIA/TIA standards with level three certification testers to assure they will reliably perform at top speeds. For more information about our structured cabling installation in Long Island.

Cat 5e/Cat6 wiring you can count on

Level 3 certification testing: Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a

Data cabinets, racks, cable tray installation

Clean organized data centers and patch panels

As-built drawings with port numbers

Fiber optic cabling between closets and buildings

troubleshooting and repair of fiber optic lines

Fusion splicing and OTDR testing

Wireless Access Point Systems | Computer Cabling Long Island, New York

We provide a enterprise Wireless acces systems, installation of these systems, as well as design and diagnostic services for WiFi to our clients in Long Island, NY. Some of our available systems include Ruckus Wirleess, Fortinet, Ubiquiti and Cisco Meraki. What seperates us from many other WiFi design and deployment contractors serving the Long Island, NY area, is our expertise in RF. Coming from a cabling background, we see the most important aspect of WiFi as the ability to transmit data through the air.. a task that can be quite challenging and is filled with challenges that are not always readily apparent. Our RF detection equipment, exerience with RF transmission and interference sources, and heatmap generation tools position us well tp provide and install high quality, high performing WiFi systems. If you are responsible for a WiFi system in the Reading area that is not performing as well as you would like, pleaes do not just install more WAPs. Give us a call instead! Adding wireless access points to your WiFi system can often make things worse.

  • Enterprise Wireless Access System installation
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostic services for WiFi
  • Structured cabling installation for WiFi deployments
  • WLAN Design and supports
  • Point to Point Wireless Bridges between buildings

Intercom Paging Long Island

Paging Audio Alert Systems Bridgeport Vineland Philadelphia
Alpha Computer Group provides and installs overhead speaker systems for intercom paging. We design our systems so that pages can be heard evenly throughout your facility. We provide the interface to your phone system, zoned paging systems so you can target your announcements when needed, and all-call abilities for emergency mass notifications or other annoucements that need to go out to everyone. Shift change bells and other automaited signaling systems are also available, as well as interfaces with door access for door entry.

  • Mass notification
  • Automatic Bells and Tones
  • Interface with Phone PBX System
  • Paging Zones
  • Door Entry interconnects to Door Access
  • White Noise generators for privacy
    Video Surveillance Security Camera Systems
    CCTV Video Security Camera Systems Long Island, NY

We provide high resolution video security camera systems for the enterprise with a robust intuitive user interface. We appreciate how time consuming it can be searching for important video, so our product line-up is focused on video management software and NVR servers that make the archiving and retrieval of your video a snap. For more detail aobut the CCTV security camera systems we provide in the Long Island, NY area.

  • High Definition IP Cameras
  • Easy-to-use VMS interface
  • Scaleable systems from small business to enterprise
  • Elite Exacq Vision Dealer
  • Video surveillance system fault monitoring
  • CCTV System Integrations to Door Access, POS, and more

Electronic Door Security/Access Control Door security access control Long Island, NY

We also provide and install door security access control systems for clients in the Long Island, NY area. Our solutions include IP based door access systems that integrate well with our video surveillance camera systems and intercom paging, and stick with our general theme of intuitive interfaces that are easy to use, as opposed to the cryptic software many door access sytems are centered around, especially legacy systems that have been around for a while. Our systems feature:

  • Quick and Simple and card/fob enrollment
  • Powerful and customized user access options
  • IP Systems with PoE power
  • Detailed access logs
  • User groups make assigning access rights easier.
  • Door Access for data cabinets
  • Security camera system and intercom integration

Business Phone Systems by FortiVoice
VoIP PBX Phone Systems Long Island

Our affordable business phone systems by FortiVoice combine the powerful functionality you expect from a business phone system with an affordable pricing structure that does not syphon money off of you with endless licensing fees that are often not apprent when first pricing out a system. – Fortinet Partner offering FortiVoice Business Phone Systems

  • Affordable Business Phone Systems for the Enterprise
  • Inutuitive interface
  • No licensing per phone!
  • SIP trunking service options with FortiCall

Business Phone Systems Asterisk/Freepbx/Elastix/IncrediblePBX | VoIP Phone Systems Long Island

Configuring Les.net SIP PEER for Asterisk Freepbx Elastix Incredible PBX PIAF

This is how you should configure your TRUNK for Les.net on Asterisk PBX, FREEPBX, ELASTIX, PIAF, Incredible PBX

General Settings

Trunk Name: LES-VoIP
Outbound CallerID: (We leave this blank, but you can configure this)
CID Options: (We leave this blank, but you can configure this)
Maximum Channels: (We leave this blank, but you can configure this)
Asterisk Trunk Dial Options:  (We leave this default, but you can configure this)
Continue if Busy: (We leave this blank, but you can configure this)
Disable Trunk:  (We leave this blank, but you can configure this)

Dialed Number Manipulation Rules (We leave this blank, but you can configure this)

Dial Rules Wizards:
Outbound Dial Prefix:

Outgoing Settings

Trunk Name: ##PEERNAME##
PEER Details:

username= ##PEERNAME##
secret= ##PEERPASSWORD##

Incoming Settings

USER Context: from-trunk

USER Details:



Register String:


Contact Alpha Computer Group for Freepbx Support
Contact Alpha Computer Group for Asterisk PBX Support
Contact Alpha Computer Group for SIP Trunking

Business Phone Systems NYC
VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business NYC
Phone Systems NYC

Giuseppina Gaglio Office Remodeling and Decorating NYC

Giuseppina Guidici NYC Office Renovations

Security Camera Companies NYC. Security Camera Installation NYC

I Love the designs by Jolie Guidici.  Did you know she is on the cutting edge of architectural designing and minimalist office space designing?  Jolie Gaglio is highly accredited and educated to make any space office or home the space of your dreams.  If you want a beautiful home or office you must contact Giuseppina Gaglio and her alter-ego Giuseppina Guidici for results that are absolutely jaw-dropping.  New York City Office Remodeling.  If you are seeking specialized office remodeling contractors in the New York, NYC and/or Long Island,  NY areas, Jolie Gaglio designers is your source for beautiful, high-quality results and an unrivaled customer experience. To contact Jolie Guidici, we invite you to visit to visit her social media pages.

Jolie Gaglio

Our long-standing client relationships with these industry leaders have been established and maintained based upon our capacity to listen to their needs, comprehend their goals, and synthesize this information into efficient and well-designed workplaces.

We listen. We see. We create.

This philosophy serves as the backbone of Jolie Gaglio Design Group’s award-winning commercial interior design practice. Since our founding in 1999, the firm has grown into one of New York’s leading design studios with a considerable portfolio of projects for clients

Jolie Guidici

We understand that you have a full time job in addition to managing the process of opening a new New York office location and we are here to help. At the beginning stages of each project, Redesign sits down with our clients to establish project goals, target dates, and a project budget, which enables us with the ability to provide you with a design strategy that is tailored to the operations of your business. The combination of our interior architecture experience and industry contacts allow us to complete any sized project on time and within budget so your business can start operations as anticipated.  Jolie Guidici is your one stop shop for all of your home or office remodeling needs.

Giuseppina Gaglio

Determining the appropriate amount of office space for your company can be tricky. The amount of office space required will weigh heavily on the layout and design of the office. Generally, less space per employee is required if the layout is open office workstation based. However if the layout is private office based more space will be required. Giuseppina Gaglio Office Programs will be our roadmap for the space planning phase.

Giuseppina Guidici

New York office relocation management firm, Redesign, has outstanding experience and references moving medium to large sized businesses in the greater New York area. Let Redesign eliminate the hassles of relocating your New York office space. Overlooking even one single task can cost your company thousands of dollars. If you have an upcoming office relocation project, as your Corporate Relocation Specialist (CRS), let us manage all aspects of this complex process by acting as the single point of contact and liaison for all participating agents.

After establishing your goals, anticipated target dates, and relocation budget, Giuseppina Guidici will provide your company with the comprehensive means of organizing and implementing your New York office relocation. Giuseppina Guidici realizes that corporations today have enough challenges with core business activities without having to add relocation issues to the workload. Yet real estate obligations and related investments in tenant improvements, furniture, equipment, and communications become a key component in any business financial plan.

New York Office Space Planning Services

• Provide Multiple Location Occupancy Comparison Study

• Develop Office Program & Identify Estimated Square Footage Requirements

• Model Workflow & Identity Existing Inefficiencies

• Evaluate Existing Site & Inventory Furniture

• Develop Current & Future Office Expansion Analysis

• Develop Detailed Office Relocation Plan (i.e. Move Matrix)


Alpha Computer Group will be considering using the dream team of Jolie Gaglio, Jolie Guidici, Giuseppina Guidici, and Giuseppina Gaglio for our next office remodeling project!

Setup Chan Sccp for Cisco Phones

Alpha Computer Group Chan_SCCP Installation


1 – Install whichever flavor of Asterisk – We recommend PIAF/Incredible PBX.

2 – Log in to CLI as root.

3 – Start the installation and configuration of the CHAN_SCCP Software.

  1. Install updates and dependencies
    yum install asterisk-devel
    yum install nmake
    yum install automake
    yum install autoconf
    yum install libtool
    yum install make
    yum install m4
    yum update -y
    yum upgrade -y
  2. Reboot after the yums (#reboot now)
  3. Log back into the CLI
    type: cd /usr/src
    type: wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/chan-sccp-b/files/Chan_SCCP-4.2.3_STABLE_r6728.tar.gz
    type: tar xzvf Chan_SCCP-4.2.3_STABLE_r6728.tar.gz
    type: cd /Chan_SCCP-4.2.3_STABLE
    type: make clean
    type:  ./configure –enable-confernce –enable-advanced-functions –enable-video –enable-videolayer –enable-conference –enable-distributed-devicestate –enable-debug –enable-gcov –enable-refcount-debug –enable-indications
    type: make
    type: make install
  4. Edit modules.conf to disable chan_skinny and enable chan_sccp

    type: vi /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
    ADD THESE 2 LINES to modules.conf:

    noload => chan_skinny.so
    load => chan_sccp.so

  5. create a sccp.conf file
    vi /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf

    servername = Alpha-PBX
    keepalive = 60
    debug = 1
    context = from-internal
    dateformat = M/D/Ya
    bindaddr =
    port = 2000
    firstdigittimeout = 16
    digittimeout = 8
    autoanswer_ring_time = 1
    autoanswer_tone = 0x32
    remotehangup_tone = 0x32
    transfer_tone = 0
    transfer_on_hangup = off
    dnd_tone = 0x0
    callwaiting_tone = 0x2d
    localnet =
    ;externip =
    dndFeature = off
    sccp_tos = 0x68
    sccp_cos = 4
    audio_tos = 0xB8
    audio_cos = 6
    video_tos = 0x88
    video_cos = 5
    echocancel = on
    silencesuppression = off
    private = on
    directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
    hotline_enabled=yes ;can devices without configuration register
    hotline_context=default ; context for hotline
    hotline_extension=111 ; extension will be dialed on offHook
    ; actual definitions
    description = House-Office Phone
    addon = 7915
    devicetype = 7945
    park = off
    button = line, 417
    button = feature,Record calls,monitor
    cfwdall = off
    type = device
    keepalive = 60
    ;tzoffset = +2
    transfer = on
    park = on
    cfwdall = off
    cfwdbusy = off
    cfwdnoanswer = off
    directed_pickup = on
    directed_pickup_context = from-internal
    directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
    dndFeature = on
    dnd = off
    earlyrtp = progress
    private = on
    mwilamp = on
    mwioncall = off
    cfwdall = on
    softkeyset = softkeyset187
    id = 417
    type = line
    label = ACG 417
    description = ACG Line 417
    mailbox = 417
    cid_name = Alpha Computer Group
    cid_num = 417
    context = from-internal
    incominglimit = 2
    transfer = on
    vmnum = *97
    meetme = on
    meetmeopts = qxd
    meetmenum = 700
    trnsfvm = *417
    secondary_dialtone_digits = 9
    secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x22
    echocancel = on
    silencesuppression = off
    dnd = reject
    ;description = Phone Number Two
    ;devicetype = 7960
    ;park = off
    ;button = speeddial,Helpdesk, 98112   ; Add SpeedDial to Helpdesk (without hint)
    ;button = line, 98021
    ;button= feature,Private Call,privacy,callpresent ;set channel variable SKINNY_PRIVATE to 1 if feature is enabled
    ;button= feature,DND Busy,DND,busy ;set dnd status to busy
    ;button= feature,DND Silent,DND,silent ;set dnd status to silent
    ;button= feature,Record calls,monitor ;record calls using automon (asterisk >= 1.6 only)
    ;button= feature,call forward to *54,cfwdAll,*54 ;forward all calls to *54
    ;button = speeddial,Phone 1 Line 1, 98011, 98011@hints
    ;button = speeddial,Phone 1 Line 2, 98012, 98012@hints
    ;speeddial,Phone 2 Line 1, 98021, 98021@hints ; Add SpeedDial to Phone Number Two Line 1 (button labels allow special characters like ‘é’)
    ;type = device
    ;keepalive = 60
    ;tzoffset = +2
    ;transfer = on
    ;park = on
    ;cfwdall = off
    ;cfwdbusy = off
    ;cfwdnoanswer = off
    ;directed_pickup = on
    ;directed_pickup_context = default
    ;directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
    ;dnd = reject
    ;earlyrtp = progress
    ;private = on
    ;mwilamp = on
    ;mwioncall = off
    ;cfwdall = on
    ;softkeyset = softkeyset187
    ;id = 1000
    ;type = line
    ;pin = 1234
    ;label = Phone 2 Line 1
    ;description = Line 98021
    ;mailbox = 10021
    ;cid_name = MY CID
    ;cid_num = 98021
    ;context = default
    ;incominglimit = 2
    ;transfer = on
    ;vmnum = 600
    ;trnsfvm = 1000
    ;secondary_dialtone_digits = 9
    ;secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x22
    ;echocancel = on
    ;silencesuppression = off
    ;setvar=testvar2=my value
    type = softkeyset
    name = softkeyset187                                                  ; (REQUIRED) softkeyset name
    onhook = redial,newcall                   ; displayed when we are on hook
    connected = hold,transfer,park,confrn,select,vidmode,idivert       ; displayed when we have a connected call
    onhold = resume,newcall,transfer,endcall,confrn,conflist,select,dirtrfr,idivert,vidmode  ; displayed when we have a call on hold
    ringin = answer,endcall,transvm,vidmode                                       ; displayed when we have an incoming call
    offhook = redial,dial,endcall,vidmode     ; displayed when the phone is taken off hook
    conntrans = hold,endcall,transfer,park,confrn,select,dirtrfr,meetme,vidmode
    digitsfoll = back,endcall,dial,gpickup,pickup,vidmode       ; displayed when one or more digits have been entered, more are expected
    connconf = conflist,endcall,hold,join,vidmode                  ; displayed when we are in a conference
    conflist = exit,endconf,kick,join,mute,endcall
    ringout = endcall,dial,transfer,confrn,idivert,vidmode              ; displayed when We are calling someone
    offhookfeat = redial,endcall,dial,vidmode                  ; displayed wenn we went offhook using a feature
    onhint = redial,dial,newcall,pickup,gpickup,barge,vidmode                            ; displayed when a hint is activated

  6. Reboot Asterisk Server
    reboot now

**** YOU WILL NEED A SEPMAC.cnf.xml file for each phone below is an example ****

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<timeZone>Eastern Standard/Daylight Time</timeZone>
<member priority=”0″>
<description>Primary Alpha Connection</description>
<description>Secondary Alpha Connection</description>
<versionStamp>{Jan 01 2003 00:00:00}</versionStamp>
<phoneService  type=”0″ category=”0″>
<name>Corporate Directory</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Missed Calls</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Received Calls</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Placed Calls</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Personal Directory</name>
<phoneService  type=”2″ category=”0″>
type: vi /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf
exten => s,1(check),ChanIsAvail(SCCP/${ARG1},sj) ;I don't know if this works for SCCP
exten => s,n,Dial(SCCP/${ARG1}/aa=2wb,5,A(beep))
exten => s,n(end),Busy(20)
exten => s,n,Macro(hangupcall,)
exten => s,check+101,Busy(20)
exten => s,n,Macro(hangupcall,)
1 more step for SCCP paging – add the extensions to enable paging in the asterisk cli like this:
database put DEVICE/417/autoanswer macro sccp-autoanswer

IT Support Long Island | Managed Service Providers Long Island

IT Support Services Long Island

Security Camera Companies NYC. Security Camera Installation NYC

Alpha Computer Group’s IT Support and Managed Service Provider for Small to Medium Businesses all around Long Island, we understand that reliable IT services are essential for your business. Our team of certified experts provide high-quality Long Island IT support, including the following features and benefits. Our team of experts works with you to develop a cohesive technology support plan specifically designed for your business. Our fully staffed Network Operations Center provides full maintenance services and support ranging from desktop support, business continuity, disaster recovery, remote and on-site support, proactive network monitoring and ongoing maintenance services. Our proactive 24/7/365 IT service, combined with our guaranteed on-site response times provides our customers with peace of mind and allows them to achieve their specific business initiatives. Alpha Computer Group’s support team consists of a fully-staffed, in-house team of IT professionals with a wide range of experience and certifications. Our staff is made up of smart, dedicated, professional and enthusiastic individuals. Our IT team is our most important asset, which is why, as a company, we invest in these individuals’ professional growth through continuous education and certification programs. Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is powered with the latest technologies, diagnostic tools, and monitoring solutions. This provides for a more proactive approach and responsive support model to meet our client’s individual needs. We provide flexible, customized solutions and service offerings. No matter the size or type of business, we have technology solutions to meet your unique business needs. Whether it is a supplemental service request, a complete managed IT package, or nationwide deployment, we provide the necessary resources to allow you to remain competitive and profitable. To get long-term value out of your IT, you need to make sure it runs smoothly at all times. But the burden of managing IT isn’t getting any easier; in fact, it can be extremely time-consuming without the help of highly-trained technicians. Alpha Computer Group’s IT support services dedicate computer experts to eliminate your technical headaches.  We constantly measure delivery processes and set performance standards because we truly believe this is a differentiating factor that enables our collective businesses to thrive and grow. Ensuring the best possible operation, your IT servers are constantly monitored and managed by Stratosphere Networks’ experts. Enabling businesses to stay cutting-edge, our staff can satisfy your rapidly growing needs and technology requirements. We will quickly address any server upgrade or malfunction so your business can run seamlessly, with minimal to no downtime at all. We provide state of the art, around the clock monitoring and support for your network environment. This means that no matter what happens we will be the first ones to know, and begin addressing the issue immediately. Our support provides you with the extra layer of security and stability that you need. Whether it’s a basic issue or a major disaster, Alpha Computer Group has you covered.

Dedicated IT team

Our in-house team of smart and driven IT professionals have various levels of experience and hold a number of different certifications, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, HP, and Apple, among others. We have Level 1, 2 and 3 engineers on staff to ensure we can efficiently meet all of our clients’ business needs.

Powerful command center

Our Network Operations Command Center leverages cutting-edge technologies, monitoring tools and diagnostic solutions to provide proactive and highly responsive support.

Flexible solutions

Alpha Computer Group offers flexible, customized solutions and service offerings to meet your unique business needs. We’ll provide you with the support you need to achieve success, whether it’s a complete managed IT package or supplemental service request.

Customer training

Our comprehensive Long Island IT support services include unlimited access to courses at our customer training center to help our clients stay up to speed on products and services.

Fast responses

With our 24/7/365 proactive monitoring services and live help desk, our clients can count on immediate responses to any issues.

95% customer retention

It’s incredibly rare that a client would leave Alpha Computer Group for a competitor. We’re a tough act to follow!

A clear choice in a crowded field

Nearly half of our client base switched to Alpha Computer Group for managed services from another provider. We think that says something unique about our approach.

Strength in numbers

We’re experts at configuring and managing infrastructure because we’ve done it day-in, day-out for more than 300,000 devices and counting. Alpha Computer Group monitors your IT environment so you can worry about running your business.

99% Customer happiness

With a customer satisfaction rating of 5.0 out of 5, we take pride in keeping your employees happy 24/7.

Globally recognized, locally based

Alpha Computer Group is the only top globally-ranked MSP to be 100% dedicated to supporting Long Island businesses in Nassau County & Suffolk County.

Relationships are key

As more than just a service provider, we aim to be a trusted partner. From trading firms to law offices and everything in between, our clients expect the best—and we deliver.

Alpha Computer Group provides top of the line managed services to Organizations. Whether it’s a small problem or a data center migration, we have you covered. With all the different types of services that we provide, you can benefit from our highly talented professionals who take the utmost care in giving the best customer service to our clients. Many businesses see IT consulting services as providers of broad strategies and theory only. It is worth highlighting the aspects of consulting that deal primarily with technology selection. In other words, your unique business should have an equally unique solution! With our managed services, you can stay on top of your IT needs and utilize the most out of your infrastructure, the smart way. Managed services involve out-sourcing day to day I.T. operations to an outside service provider. Out-sourcing your day-to-day I.T. operations gives business leaders and I.T. administrators the opportunity to focus on other projects and long term business strategy. Alpha Computer Group’s managed services include remote and on-site support options for our clients. Our managed services come with customized service level agreements which provide administrators with expected response times and issue tracking in-case of any issues related to their networks.  Our customized IT solutions and help desk IT support can help your business compete in today’s evolving and global market, at a fraction of the cost of employing an in-house IT support team. While our flexible network services and expert IT consulting allow you to focus on your business instead of the technology you need to keep it running. If you’re going to invest time and money in business technology, give Alpha Computer Group the opportunity to take the worry out of your IT decisions.

Managed Service Providers Long Island

Get a full service 24/7 IT department that works with you to improve how your business integrates with technology. We can help you save money by making sure that your data, servers, computers and phones are up and running. If you have ever had to halt business operations or pay an unexpected technology repair bill because a computer or server in your office broke, you know how expensive technology problems can be. We are able to keep your systems monitored and have live technicians right here in America standing by to help you with your problems 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. Keeping your business running smoothly is a challenge with today’s rapidly changing technology, so Alpha Computer Group’s proactive monitoring tracks problems before they happen. Real time alerts instantly notify technicians of any potential issues in your environment. Our technicians are able remote into any device on our coverage plan and solve 90% of problems. Avoiding problems means you are back in control of your time and budget, making both employees and business owners happy. Contact us today to see how managed IT services for Long Island can help your business.

IT Consulting Firms Long Island

Many technology consulting firms and Managed Service Providers have specialties, so you need to understand their services focus. You don’t want a consulting firm centered on backup and disaster recovery services to work on mobile device support. IT environments today are so interdependent and interconnected we recommend the IT consultants you select have a broad range of experience in many disciplines. IT consultants that bring the most value are those with actual operating experience. Synoptek has 20 years consulting experience. We currently operate and manage thousands of devices for over 3,000 clients. It is this “depth and breadth” of skills that deliver more value to our consulting clients. Don’t be limited by selecting IT consultants with limited expertise. Through a comprehensive IT consulting assessment we identify key business and IT criteria developing a strategy to simplify your information technology environment and lead the way to a more cost-effective and reliable IT infrastructure. Our progressive solutions enable companies to grow their businesses for improved business results, taking a customer-first approach in everything we do. Our IT consultants will leave you informed and ready to make the right choices at a cost that fits your budget.

Managed IT Services Long Island

We offer a complete range of business technology services fueled by proven methodologies, process optimization and best practices. Whether your organization is feeling the pressure to boost productivity or level out unplanned IT costs, we will partner with you to create a roadmap for tomorrow. At Alpha Computer Group, our IT Services are based on great customer service. We want you to feel like we are your internal IT department. Let us take care of every aspect of your business technology. Alpha Computer Group’s IT Managed Services enables you to place resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experienced specialists from Alpha Computer Group so you can optimize existing resources and focus on your business. With a Managed Services contract, you don’t have to worry about who you should call for any different IT problem. You just call one dispatch number, and let us sort it out. We will manage all the different vendors and get you fixed and back up and running.

Computer Network Support Long Island

Reliability. Trust. Security. These three terms are of most importance when it comes to an office environment. Alpha Computer Group is one of the top it companies in Chicago and has the proper tools and experience to support all of your office needs and wants. No matter the size of our clients, every office big or small, receives that same high quality support Alpha Computer Group is known for. Your business network is the backbone of your operations. You need all of your hardware and devices to run in sync. Alpha Computer Group has the tools to keep your network up and running. We can set up your network and hardware and make it perform to your standards. With our remote services we can keep a close eye on your network and fix problems before they happen. Alpha Computer Group can help setup, repair and expand your computer network. Let SolveMyPC design the proper reliable network that meets and exceeds your organization’s goals.

Many companies designate an employee or even an entire department to manage their IT services. However, choosing an outside company to manage and consult regarding information technology gives companies an outside point-of-view on various decisions that are often overlooked internally. Alpha Computer Group is staffed with only the best IT professionals that focus on helping businesses around the New York area maximize their technology. Our IT professionals will work closely with you to analyze your company’s goals, then create and implement an effective IT plan to meet them. As part of our information technology consulting services, we’ll work closely with you to determine the main challenges facing your business. Then, we’ll uncover areas your IT services can improve and create and implement our streamlined solutions to address your business’s obstacles. If our initial solutions are not as effective as you need, we’ll re-evaluate and optimize them to better meet your needs. Contact us today @ (877) 608-8647 to learn more about our IT consulting services and processes today!

IT Support Long Island