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Jamaica, NY, Queens, Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

We are your number 1 choice for Analog Phone Systems, Digital Telephone Systems, Business Phone Systems, and SIP, VoIP Phone Systems in Jamaica, NY 11433, 11423, 11432, 11435, and Also Springfield Gardens, Queens, NY 11413. Imagine what would it be like if someone comes to you right now and tells you that your broadband connection can restore your old traditional phone, along with some other features like transfer or answering of video calls or messages while your accessing emails or while you are browsing the web, wouldn’t that be some great news for you? You might start jumping around and start asking for more information about this kind of technology. In order to supply you with answers to your excitement and eagerness to know more about telephony technology, the technology that we are talking about here is called VoIP phone service. Yes, VoIP phone service is the answer to all of your doubts and prayers. Now, you might be wondering what exactly is this kind of service and how exactly is it going to be of use to you. In order to give you more information, let’s start by expanding the term of VoIP. VoIP is actually shortened for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’, and this equipment facilitates you to use an internet to make calls but you can still run in hybrid VoIP mode by allowing actual inbound and outbound communications to go through a traditional phone service like POT’s, PRI, and etc.

We don’t solely offer VoIP; We are full-service Telephone Shop.  We offer VoIP, Digital, Analog,

We are telecommunications consultants or telecom consultants for short. But did you know we also do security cameras in Jamaica, Queens, NY? We are NYC’s number 1 computer consultants. If your looking for a full-fledged Technology Company in Jamaica, NY then look no further than Alpha Computer Group.

Avaya IP Office System Installation, Service and Support in Jamaica, NY – Queens NYC

Alpha Computer Group provides Avaya phone system Sales, implementation, installation, upgrades, support and Service for Avaya IP Office phone systems. We specialize in Avaya IP office phone systems, small to mid-size companies who need a powerful phone system with the capabilities and collaboration solutions for voice, video and mobility on virtually any device. Our technicians are experienced in the setup and maintenance of IP Office features whether utilizing Servers running VMware vSphere/Microsoft Hyper-V with virtualized IP Office software that can be ignited as a primary, secondary, Avaya one-X Portal, or applications server. Our expertise in connecting offices or branches in different states, countries or locations is valuable to any company. With the capabilities to seamlessly manage & collaborate voice, video and mobility of Avaya IP Office system from anywhere.

Business Phone Systems Jamaica, NY – Queens NYC

Alpha Computer Group provides expert sales, installs and maintenance support for business phone systems in the Jamaica, Queens, NY, NYC area. We specialize in Avaya IP Office NEC, Cisco Call Manager, Mitel, Nortel, ATT, and Elastix, Asterisk PBX, Freepbx, and many other types of business phone systems for new installations. Consumers with aging systems seem to suffer from the same issues, the system has aged out and repairs are starting to become more frequent. We also provide phone system cabling and network cabling. Phone technicians and phone repairs are on call services provided during business hours and after hours as well. We supply all telecommunications equipment for your phone systems needs.

VoIP Telephone Systems Jamaica, NY – Queens NYC

Since 2004, Alpha Computer Group has been built on a foundation on award-winning customer satisfaction in Jamaica, NY. Our wide variety of VoIP phone solutions, HD video conferencing, network management and carrier management services are designed with Jamaica businesses needs in mind. With our world class customer support, you can feel confident that your business in Jamaica is being managed by the best Telephone Company in the industry. We look forward to working together with you.

VoIP phone service utilizes to internet routes for voice communication over the Internet or by any other kind of IP related network. There are in fact a lot of businesses that are engaged in providing VoIP services to the business. You can find many of these companies on the Internet which have utilized this technology. It is actually quite popular and many large corporations tend to use it because of the many benefits it has, including easier to make phone calls, reliable conference calls and very high quality sound, and of course amazing cost savings on monthly telephone service and ongoing maintenance. Various companies that sell these services make use of the protocols for this technology in order to carry your voice signals all over the Internet protocol network and then transfer them to the other end. Voice over Internet Protocol is widely known as VoIP but it can also be met as VoIP protocol or Voice over IP. Most common protocol is SIP and/or IAX2 created by Digium for Asterisk PBX. The power that VoIP utilized will transfer your voice into digital modulation which will then be sent over the Internet in voice packets. It does not matter whether the person that you are calling is using the same services as you do, or if they are using just regular telephone services. Once you have dialed the number of a regular phone the signal that is being transmitted will be converted into an usual telephone signal.

This technology, which can only be described as fantastic, really enables you to make long distance or even international calls at rates that you never would have never imagined to see (In a good way). The charges that are being applied for your calls will be surprisingly low when compared to the ones that other communication services have. All of the service providers out there are in rivalry with each other in order to provide the best services to their customers. Every single day you will find a new offer that comes to the market which has the task of attracting a large number of people to use the VoIP phone service. Sometimes this strategy works very efficiently, other times not so much. Different days bring different results. Business, however, can benefit greatly from these services as the dialed calls come at a much cheaper tariff and thus way you can save up a lot of money that can then be utilized for the welfare of the business and its future development and growth. If you are a business owner you should really consider switching to VoIP phone service.

VoIP phone service will give you the freedom to dial calls right from your system, with the help of a specially designed phone that has been created solely for this service. You can easily get connected to your regular phone, which can then be connected to a special adapter. You will be able to carry this phone wherever you go, since this service is available to be used wherever you are, if you are in need, the only requirement being that you have an Internet connection. Internet can be accessed from various spots around cites like airports, Free Wi-Fi areas and a big part of the cafeterias.

Network Cabling Jamaica, NY – Queens NYC
Jamaica Structured Cabling: Cat5e, Cat6a, Fiber Optics

We also provide businesses network cabling in Jamaica, Queens, NYC. Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Coaxial, fiber, and much more. We specialize in infrastructure cabling also know as structured cabling for Jamaica, NY. So if your looking for infrastructure cabling or structured wiring give us a call today.

Structured Cabling – Cat5e, Cat6a, Fiber Optics, 10Gig

Jamaica Network & Data Cabling Specialists

Alpha Computer Group is the leading installer of structured cabling products and network services for business and government data networks in Jamaica, NY.  Our techs are certified by manufacturers for both copper (cat5e, cat6, cat6a) and fiber optic (multimode, singlemode) network installations.  We only use quality cable made in the USA, we follow Bicsi industry installation standards and we guarantee our work.

Whether you’re moving your business outside Jamaica, opening up a new location in Jamaica, expanding, adding workstations, networking offices, upgrading servers and network switches, or running fiber to the desktop, Alpha Computer Group can help you build a structured cabling network on which you can run gigabit ethernet or 10 gigabit ethernet.  We keep our overhead low, buy cabling materials in bulk, and we pass the savings on to you.
Request a quote today!

Jamaica Fiber Optic & Outdoor Cabling

Need to connect two or more buildings in Jamaica with underground HDPE conduit and multimode or singlemode OSP fiber optic data cables?  Alpha Computer Group’s Outside Plant team can trench, directional bore, or install aerial cable for your wired or wireless campus network.  Fiber optic cables can be terminated with ST, SC, LC, FC, or MT-RJ connectors.  The newest fiber optic cables are laser optimized (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4) for increased bandwidth.  Fiber cabling can be plenum rated, riser rated, armored, indoor/outdoor, direct burial/OSP, military tactical, tight buffered, or loose tubed. We test all fiber cable installations with a power meter and guarantee less than 2db loss.  We can also repair cut/damaged fiber cables with mechanical or fusion splicing and test with an OTDR.

MDIS Certified | Cat6a Cabling | Patch Panels

When applicable, we even offer a performance assurance warranty from the manufacturer up to 25 years.  This certification covers patch panels, jacks, fiber optic connectors, cat5e cable, cat6 cable, cat6a cable, 50 micron multimode fiber, 62.5 micron multimode fiber, singlemode fiber, network racks, cable runways/ladder racks, and wire management panels.

Certified by leading cable manufacturers such as Berk-Tek and OCC, Alpha Computer Group installs UTP cat5e, cat6, cat6a, and fiber optic cables in Jamaica for:

•Oil and Gas Pipelines
•Telecom Companies
•Utility Companies
•Schools and Universities
•Commercial Office Buildings
•Enterprise Networks
•Data Centers and Central Offices
•Industrial Facilities
•Government and Military
•Cities and Counties
•Fiber Backbones
•Dark Fiber

Contact Alpha Computer Group for Business Phone Service, Telephone/Computer Data Network Structured Cabling,  Business Phone Systems, Citrix, Disaster Recovery, Hosted PBX, IP Phones, SwitchVox, Network Management, Office Phone Systems, Online Backup Services, Phone Systems, Cisco Call Manager, Cisco IP Communicator, Freepbx Phone System, Elastix Phones, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, VoIP, VoIP Phone Service, and VoIP Phones. Proudly supporting the areas of Jamaica New York, NY, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and the entire Tri-State area.  For every and any of your residential or commercial/business Telephony needs call Alpha Computer Group at (877) 608 – 8647.

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Manhattan, NYC Business VoIP IP Phone Systems | Asterisk Elastix Freepbx


Manhattan, NY, NYC, Queens, Long Island, Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

Many of Manhattan small businesses out there are either weary of the new VoIP business telephone systems or they have never even heard of it. The brand new Voice over Internet Protocol business telephone systems sold, installed, and serviced by Alpha Computer Group have made a revolution in the way that NYC businesses are being conducted, and on a global scale as well. Large businesses as well as small businesses alike all over New York are able to take advantage of the many benefits that the VoIP business phone system has to offer.

VoIP has actually come from a very long way in order to become what it is today, portable and useful. With the rapid improvements of technology each day, some of which is actually being developed in laboratories on Long island, these types of business telephone systems are progressing the VoIP industry. In the very beginning of time (with VoIP that is), VoIP business telephone systems were in need of a human to be at the computers in order for the system to be used, and also the sound quality was actually very poor.  Which is still a factor if your using a broadband connection or if you dedicated internet connection is being over utilized by also pc or computer traffic.  Now, with all of the voice technologies brand new improvements and advancement in technology, you are able to receive VoIP business telephone systems on a standard phone and the sound quality has improved a lot since a few years back.

One of the major benefits of the VoIP business telephone system in your Manhattan office is that it will manage to significantly decrease your telephone operating costs. This is something that not many systems of this caliber cannot say about themselves. We have saved customers money by almost 60% in some cases.  You will also be able to have the same one network for both your phone system as well as your network system, which means that it will also help you save money by not paying for two separate bills each month. Additionally, the cost associated with monthly charges will decrease making it possible to pay off the phone system in less than a year in some cases just on the ROI factor.

Another factor that makes the VoIP business telephone system so appealing to many different companies in Manhattan also known as New York, or New York City (NYC) is its flexibility. With this particular type of business telephone system, you will be able to use your phone system wherever you are as long as you can access a broadband connection or on your mobile phone with a 3g or 4g cellular connection. This means that no matter where you are or what you do, you will always have access to your company phone system. Whether you are travelling somewhere, or you are at home the end result is the same. You are even fully capable of using the VoIP business telephone system on your own personal laptop with a softphone, since many VoIP systems have an integrated telephony software which allows you to freely send and receive calls by using a unit that has been connected to your laptop.

Another of the many great benefits of the VoIP business telephone system is that you can receive voice mail and faxes in your own e-mail box.  Talking about being green and saving trees!  Is that not something worth mentioning? This particular business telephone system will allow you to fully organize all of your messages onto your personal computer. You will also have the ability to access virtually any phone number in any area code you know without paying any sort of extras. Thanks to the VoIP business telephone system, if for example you desire to attract consumer that are living in California, you can have your own California phone number even though your business’ headquarters might be located in North Carolina.

If you are still considering whether or not you should switch over to a VoIP business telephone system, you should take your time and consider what would be the best course of action for your own business. Once you decide to take this step, you should make sure that everything connected with the transition goes smoothly. Therefore, you might have to consider hiring an expert like Alpha Computer Group that will come and help you with the switch over to the new VoIP business telephone system. You can also try starting off a bit slow by only switching a few employees first in order to test this new business telephone system and carefully ease everyone to it. Also, in order for you to avoid any sort of issues, you will also need to make sure that your network security is up to date in order to avoid any cases of hackers, as you should already be doing this in order to protect your computers.

We proudly service Manhattan, New York, NY, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and the entire Tri-State are.  For every and any Telephony needs call Alpha Computer Group at (877) 608 – 8647.

Flushing, Queens, NY | VoIP Business Phone Systems, Telephone Systems


Flushing, NY, Queens, Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

Alpha Computer Group is Flushing Queens, NY’s number 1 provider of VoIP, Business Telephone Systems, and analog/digital phone systems.  We service all of NYC including the entire Tri-State area.  It is really just impossible to imagine an enterprise without a robust telephone system. A cost-effective and efficient telephone system is needed not only in order to reach out to the thousands of customers that you have, but also in order to communicate with different office staff as part of extension to extension calling or a conference, or even to facilitate the routine communication between the mangers and the mobile work force. To put it simply, the more robust a telephone system in a business is, the better and more efficient would the work coordination be and with that the overall performance of all of the employees will improve as well. In this article we will discuss a few telephone systems that are usually associated with businesses in the Flushing, NY which covers zip codes: 11351, 11352, 11354, 11355, 11358, 11367, 11371, and 11381.

We service many locations in New York such as all of NYC, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York City, Flushing, Queens, and Brooklyn, Alpha Computer Group focuses on assisting businesses with Telephone Systems, Voicemails, VoIP, Servers, Networking, Internet and much more.

Telephone systems in enterprises can be classified into three different types – KSU less phones, which are best suited for small businesses; Key systems for mid-sized enterprises, and the most elaborate of the three, Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, for the largest corporations.

KSU less phone systems are meant mainly for businesses that do not require any more than merely ten extensions. Another benefit of having a small business phone system has to be the installation and maintenance cost, which are relatively low, and so would be the phone service on 10 extensions. Another thing is that, since KSU less phone systems are primarily more simple, moving it to a new office location is not going to be a big deal at all. You just simply have to unplug the telephone system and then plug it back in in the new office that you have moved to (with the connections matching up the same as they were in the older office/previous installation). If you have a small business or a start-up, probably the best choice for you would be to install a KSU less telephone system.  As your own enterprise grows with time, you will be free to upgrade it to a more complex system anytime that you want.

As mentioned above, Key systems and Private Branch Exchange, aka PBX, are what is required for larger businesses. Asterisk/Elastix PBX is what is essential if a business has more than 40 employees and if frequent communication is with more than 5 telephone users at a given time, otherwise known as conferencing, and enhanced call management is required. By call management, it implies different communication models like for example call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail and fax, and the much needed business telephone system compatibility with other electronic devices like let’s say printers, personal computers, mobile or cellular phones, and the Internet as well. Asterisk PBX would definitely cost you a lot more than the KSU less telephone systems, and that is something that should not surprise you given the wider range of functions and operations it provides.  Besides Asterisk, there are many other competitors (which will most likely cost more than Asterisk) such as; Avaya, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitel, Optimum Online, Verizon, ATT, and many otehrs.   Another thing that you should consider is that the phone companies tend to offer different communication packages which depend upon the customer’s requirements, and the prices tend to vary a lot depending on these features that are included in each package. If you desire for your business a feature filled service, we can help you out with all of your telephony needs.

On the other hand, Key system is tailor made for more medium sized enterprises whose employee strength falls somewhere in the lines between 10 and 40. The PBX and Key systems are most commonly installed and maintained by the service provider, which is not the case with the KSU less ones.

We feel the best IP Telephone System solution is Asterisk – what ever flavor it may be. We love Elastix, and the Elastix project. We can support your Elastix installation or install an Elastix PBX phone system for you.

Other flavors of Asterisk include Trixbox, Freepbx, PIAF, Alpha PBX, and much more.

We also provide business computer cabling in Flushing, Queens, NYC. Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Coaxial, fiber, and much more. We specialize in infrastructure cabling also know as structured cabling for Flushing, NY. So if your looking for infrastructure cabling or structured wiring give us a call today.

We are telecommunications consultants or telecom consultants for short.  But did you know we also do security cameras in Flushing, Queens, NY?  We are NYC’s  number 1 computer consultants.  If your looking for a full-fledged Technology Company in Flushing, NY then look no further than Alpha Computer Group.

One last thing, before you choose a telephone system for your business, you should take into consideration some facts including the current size of your company, your plans for any future expansions, and also the different phone systems that are available on the market for you to purchase for price comparison. You should compare the capabilities and features of the different telephone systems on the market, their prices, and quality of customer support, before you proceed with making a final decision. It is also recommended that you seek out a professional advice regarding this matter. If you are interested in learning more about different telephone systems, Alpha Computer Group is at your service 24/7. Do not waste time anymore!  Call us at (877) 608 – 8647 (VOIP).

Mobile apps development

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Social Media marketing

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Pay Per Click

PPC (pay per click services new york, pay per click services nyc, PPC Management Long Island, Long Island PPC Marketing)

PPC is the paid search marketing tool, the quickest and the most controllable way to get your website on the top of the search engine results when people look for a similar type of your business. As you pay per click of every search, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

Alpha Computer Group will assist you in delivering the highest ROI through constant monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords. We are the preferred choice for the worldwide businesses to manage their PPC campaigns and marketing including the cities of Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), New York, Manhattan and Bronx. Over the time, we have developed our unique methods and strategies from the small start-ups to the very large established leaders to promote their venture and business sectors globally.

If you already have a PPC account for which you would wish to add our thought on, you can request for a PPC audit at this segment.

So whether you have small or long-term goals or whatever your budget is, we will bring the effectual campaign to suit your business type and other explicit needs to bring the maximum ROI.

Our Pay Per Click services, along with Cost Per Impression and Cost Per Order for the NYC business, can be leveraged best to access the cost-effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing.

How Alpha Computer Works for you?

The PPC Marketing is a complex process and involves a step-by-step process, the success of which is dependent upon different variables like budget determination, keyboard selection, search engine selection, bid placement, ad creation and campaign review. Catch the procedures below:

  1. Selecting Keywords

The first step to be followed by Alpha Computer Group is to select the most appropriate keywords for your company to advertise or promote. This is the most essential step to determine the company’s target. To begin the campaign, a fine selection of keywords relevant to the company and its industry is a must. Once the list is determined, the related research is being carried out to highlight the most searched words. The intensity of competition for each keyword will indicate the price of that keyword which will be done through bidding system.

  1. Budget Selection

By determining a suitable budget for allocating the campaign, the first step to PPC campaign can be performed. The budget is decided by the company with respect to their targets.

  1. Ad Creation

After keyword selection and budgeting, developing PPC ads is a must. We create a result oriented PPC advertisements that create a visual touch point for the company’s targeted customers. The designs of PPC ads are constructed as per the guidelines and regulations of PPC search engines.

  1. Bidding

The PPC ad campaigns work on bidding system where a company places a maximum bid for each keyword they wish to advertise for. The bidding indicates the maximum amount the company is willing to spend on each click. It also pays a major role in finding the placement of the company’s ad for that keyword.

  1. Reviewing the Campaigns

The advantageous part of a PPC campaign is that the business can monitor the changes and the impact. As PPC advertising is highly effective and is a highly measurable form of marketing, whenever the consumer clicks through a company’s website, their actions are traced. These actions include number of pages visited, sales made, contact enquiries, newsletter sign-ups and more. Each of these actions can be allocated by a particular value based on the dollars earned for the company.

  1. Monitoring

Each keyword can be individually evaluated, allowing careful monitoring of the campaign and ensuring only the most valuable keywords are retained.

To know more about PPC campaigning and marketing in NYC, feel free to contact us.

Web Development

Alpha Computer Group is a company that can effectively help you turn your entire endeavor into success by providing uncompromising Web Development services. You might have heard “all yellow metals are not gold” similarly big promises of some

organization may not yield the exact solution for your business strategies. But, we consider for all your needs by listing your needs and then implement them to develop a unique website for your business. Skilled and experienced developers of our company pushes the horizons of creativity to provide the clients with applicable and custom made development services.

We came into existence with the aim to revolutionize the web developing scenario in most commonly Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island. Our professionals always work in close co-ordination with the clients to bring their thoughts and ideas come true with

their prolific development services. We also facilitate out clients for customized web development services. They can easily ask for their needs and get the website developed by the experts accordingly.

Creative vision of Alpha Computer Group is to deliver world class solutions for web development. We are boosted in our efforts by the pool of talented and passionate team members. Prior to selecting a project, we discuss its framework deeply with the team members. It simply ensures thorough understanding of the project to each and every

person who is working on the project. This is the why; we always meet our promised guidelines and deliver the works to the clients within the promised time-frame.

The thing that differentiate us from others is our in-depth approach towards the undertaken projects. Out team of experts firstly go through the needs and requirements of the clients and then start creating a layout for the same. You can also suggest for creating

a perfect website. Experts will care for your advice and go for the development services to create a unique website for your business. Still thinking? Simply contact us to get the easy and effective development services.

Website Designing

To create a distinct image among your business competitors is really essential for making your business known to the customers. Alpha Computer Group cares for your needs and offers you the services of unique website designing that is true to your identity and engraves a strong impression on the mind of your customer. It is believed by us that the customers make a quick decision about you by visiting your business website. This is why, we design the website uniquely and attractively that assures you to get glued to the visitors through your profile and then they approach you for different business deals.

We believe in “you express and we design” strategies for world class services of designing your website. Simply discuss your ideas with the experienced designers and get them implemented with your website for effective future results. All the professionals hired by us are well known of all the designing techniques and always use appropriate tools for designing. We design the website according to the users and customers related to your business. We even design the website that the users can access from their tablets, smart phones and PCs. Our efficient designers use scintillating designs, imagery and animation features to make the website unique from your competitors.

By contacting us for making your ideas come true with a uniquely designed website, you can get these outstanding results: –

  • Turning your business concepts into simple and attractive web solutions.
  • Summarize your suggestions and thoughts to implement them for designing your business website.
  • Develop a smart design that is compatible with different gadgets for safe and easy access of your website by maximum number of customers and users.
  • Always use proven methodologies and tools to develop your business website for increasing the sales and traffic of customers.
  • Expert marketing, designing, and programming teams ensures a positive result for the sales and visibility of your business website.

Asterisk PBX – Voicemail-2-Text via Email

Alpha Computer Group knows all the in’s and out of Asterisk PBX.  One thing some clients ask for is that instead of receiving they’re voicemails on they’re emails, they rather it come in as an SMS or Text message.  In reality, if it has an audio attachment (the vmail file) then this type of delivery is actually called an MMS message.  Below is how we can tell our Asterisk PBX to send the voice mail as a text.

Send Asterisk Voicemail to Text (SMS):

T-Mobile:  phonenumber@tmomail.net 
Virgin Mobile:  phonenumber@vmobl.com 
Cingular: phonenumber@cingularme.com 
Sprint:  phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Verizon:  phonenumber@vtext.com
Nextel:  phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
where  phonenumber  = your 10 digit phone number
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